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Friday, April 14, 2006

Port Stanley

See also Port Stanley, Ontario. Port Stanley, also known as Stanley and called Puerto Argentino by Argentina, is the capital and only town in the Falkland Islands, located on the isle of East Falkland. It lies on a north-facing slope, south of Stanley Harbour in one of the wettest parts of the islands and has a population of around 1,500 people. It is the worlds southernmost administrative centre (due to the small population, it is not usually categorised as the worlds southernmost capital city, which is held by karimejx1Wellington, New Zealand). Work on the settlement begun in download adobe acrobat reader1843, with it becoming the capital in July 1845. It was named for Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, Secretary of State for War and the Colonies at the time. The settlement soon grew as a deep water port, specialising at first in ship repairs, then becoming a base for whaling and sealing in the South Atlantic, and an important coaling station for the Royal Navy. This led to ships based here being involved in the Battle of the Falkland Islands in the World War I, rosemundan9w9and the Battle of the River Plate in the Second World War. Landslides (peatslips), caused by excessive peat cutting, destroyed part of the town in 1879 and 1886, the second killing two people. Stanley Airport, used by internal flights, and connections to British bases in Antarctica was opened in 1979 (previously internal flights were by seaplane). It was held by Argentine troops for about ten weeks in 1982 and renamed Puerto Argentino. It suffered damage before being retaken by a British task force adobe acrobat reader free downloadduring the Falklands War. The land around it was also heavily mined, and some areas remain marked minefields. Today, Stanley lies at the centre of East Falklands road network, and is the main shopping centre on the islands, also possessing the only swimming pool, school, hospital and library. Attractions include the Falkland Islands Museum, Government House (Falkland free adobe acrobatIslands), built in 1845 and home to the Governor of the Falkland Islands, a golf adobe acrobat free downloadcourse, Christ Church Cathedral (Falkland Islands), the southernmost in the world and known for its whalebone arch, a totem pole, several war memorials and the shipwrecks in its harbour. Stanley is also home to the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station and greenhouses where some of the islands vegetables are grown. free adobe acrobatGypsy Cove, known for its Magellanic penguins, and Cape Pembroke, acrobat downloadthe easternmost point of the Falklands, lie nearby.


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